Thursday, January 02, 2003

Well, do i or do I not have the most beautiful blog in the world?

I went skiing
And Rachel was from Korea.

It was hard to do any "God" stuff here, the constant unease just somehow gets in the way of seriousness. So i spend my time watching Mil play Kingdom Heart. (seriously Booboo, you shouldn've gotten a PS2)

So i figure:

We don't need specific people.
I don't need DENNIS,
I don't need MY MOTHER...

I just need the specific relationship.
That's how my family can bunk in at my Uncle's after 6 long silent years.
That's how Ryan and sincerely hug me.
That's how Sandra and I can talk with a greater sense of warmth.

It's not because they're specifically Uncle Ron, Ryan or Sandra...
It's the fact that they're FAMILY

It's the relationship... not the person.

You'll find it again, elsewhere, given enough time.

Of course some relationships are not reproducable...
like a mum or dad... and God

I hope it's the same for you.
That 5 years and God's will...
... perfect.



So i've paid for my application, gotten housing forms...

"dear God, please show me your will for my schooling in 2003"

I want to go there.

BTW. dennis, you're paranoid.