Friday, February 27, 2004

They say that your demons can't go there

I'm not a conversationalist...
I'm a relational complex human being.

.Just. .like. .you.

Make it matter

as long as your army keeps perfectly still
Horses ~ Tori Amos
I've told you all I can
Now I will show you.

"How did Jesus touch the people of his day?"
With His body.

How does Jesus touch the people of today?"
With His Body

Hold my hand

Thursday, February 26, 2004

The trunk was the treasure chest...

a feel-God day

The Changing Room

Try it on for size, and look into the mirror.

I did FOH (they call it box office here) for a christian theatre company tonight. And I left pretty much speechless. This was a tiny, independent, non-profit theatre company (think miss?eve) and yet the quality of the theatre produced exceeds any singapore production i've seen. It was held in the Havana Theatre on Commercial drive, the little bohemia of Vancouver. It was one of the most honest theatre spaces I've seen. I sat there, unaware, unsure with no clue as to what to do (I could even find the darn acting space). BUT, I did not feel unworthy, insecure or self-conscious as I always do in Singapore around Fort Canning and SubStation. Hell, i did FOH with one of the playwrites. Of course the fact that it was a Christian group does help. But it was the quality of theatre that impressed me.

And I found out: Regent does performing arts from a christian perspective.
No seriously.
Nowhere have I heard 'camera angle' and 'theology' in the same conversation.
God loves me.

... and the treasure, was me

Oh and i learnt in Identity Study today that:
1) When we are who we truely are, we glory god the most
2) when we try to be other wise, we glory god less
3) How do we know who we are? In God
4) who tells us? God and God alone.

Find your identity in God.

Woohoo Thomas Merton. That is one funky monk.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

My thought were all over the room today

Don't give yourself away so quickly.

"Don't assume you understand anything about our relationship"

The oranges at the caf are bad.
I have a tummy ache.
Can I sue?

I am deromanticised... and that makes love so much purer.

Does daddy want to watch "The passion" with me?

Jesus is amazing: can you imagine REALIZING that you are GOD? and coming to grips with that? He's human too.

I'm scared of the caf again. Too many people, too small me.

Am I beautiful?
Ehhhh. I'm not complaining.
Self-image reality check: 67%

Darn it. Don't annoy me yah? AGREE!

*humble mumble*
Let me carry you, that I might carry on.

And it's not a cry you can hear at night
It's not somebody who's seen the light
It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah

Very carefully now...

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

My day is made.

I've never see someone take so much effort to give a hug, from 5 hours away.
I'm pretty much speechless.

Yup. That's it

I had a tiring time going door to door.
Didn't get what I wanted in my little world back here.

So I take it out on my previous post.

To no one in particular

The first thought seen when morning cracks under my lashes,
like chocolate sliding over my tongue-


with the shape of your back, the line of your face, the texture of your hair.
The way innocence leads your walk,
The way light makes magic with the colour of your flesh.
Music in your words and your voice, a deep grey,
With a power in your limbs that grasps grace.

To whisper from afar, behind intricate webs, the song of the soul combined with an intensity matched only with strangeness, is like the snug-fit of an engagement ring.

But to fall forever into your endless eyes realized...
A stright line.
A tangoed moment of chaos and nonchalance.

I checked the praises as they formed on the tip of my tongue and my selfish heart skipped a beat.

Monday, February 23, 2004

I smell of freah laundry and blood.
I feel warm and soft.
I hear the lounge door clicking in welcome.
I move with deliberation.
I see expositions of myself.

and I savour my moment of being alive.
I walked on water
While Jesus calmed the storm.
It's all ok now. It's all ok.

It's getting hot in here...
... so... wear short shorts.

Glory. After 4 months of jeans and sweat pants, I can finally resurrect my shorts and wear them in the 11 degree heat. My knees haven't seen the light of day in eons and they're becoming the colour of uncooked dough. So it was/is a joy to dig into the nether reaches of my drawer and pull out one of em comfy things...

Cept Larry gets in the way.
Dear ol Larry, we have some issues here.

Edit: Temp dropped. back in sweats.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

A lot's going on inside.
I just really need peace.

Oh Lord you lead me by the still waters, quietly restoring my soul. You speak words of wisdom, the promise of glory, the power the presence of God.

Have faith in God. Let your hope rest in the faith He has placed in your heart. Never give up, never let go of the faith He has placed in your heart.

Oh Lord you lead me by the still waters, turning my night into day. You'll never leave me, never forsake me, the power the presence of God.

.. . . .... .. . . . ... .. . . .. .. ... . . .. . . .. . .. . . . ....... . .. . . . . . . ... .. . . . .... . . . . . . where?. .. . .. . . .. . . ..
. .. . .

. .. ... . .. . ..Where?. .. ... . .. .. . .. .

... . . . . . . .