Saturday, May 10, 2003

Wednesday 7/5
A very special day to be.
It's renita's birthday
It's the day Dong and I got together. God forbid
It's the last day of school...
... for me anyway.

So I gave back all the scraps of work, wrote Mrs Foo that letter, handed out sweets to the teachers, endured 5 grueling periods of the day, felt the pangs of nostalgia as the sour-sweet scent that lingers in the staff room. Had a farewell party with 2E5, got lots of presents and headed off home.

I was determined not to see them as any less, or to expect any less, for they are not less.
They were different.
I was determined to walk out triumphant, victorious, a winner of hearts.
I walked out, undefeated, but humbled.

So I'm off to rest my mind, to cleanse my temper, renew my language patterns and to enjoy being... me.
To be 3-dimensional again,
to be more then the loud voice at the front of the room,
to be more then the red ink scrawled wearily on the paper
to be more then the homework giver, correction supplier, journal marker, work chaser, attendence taker, photocopier...

to be... free...

I need a cuppa starbucks and a good book.