Tuesday, February 04, 2003


don't misplace your passion,
don't deny your worth,
don't waste in fear,
don't fear to leave.

We're all worth so much.

So show us all the beauty we possess, but if we'd only let ourselves believe...

In light of my statement to cherry, I'd like to quit my job.
No, by bosses are nice, the pay is good, the scope drop-dead easy...
That's the thing

I've come to realise that our dreams in life can be pretty much alike to a jason brook's picture


Nothing but a desire.


So why bother?
What's with the mango and Ck jeans, Topshop skirt, high-end make-up?

Why is she so concerned with stupid things?
Because stupid things don't hurt.

Yes there goes a little moment of intro-spection.

yup Andrea, that kinda answers everything, you know... the mundane.
Thanks for that night of bitching. I loved it.