Friday, October 03, 2003

Imagine all the people

Surrounded by Your glroy, what will my heart feel
Will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still
Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall
Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all
I can only imagine

I can only imagine ~ MercyMe.

It's great to dance in the presence of the Lord alone in your little hostel room in Tec - UBC.
Or to sit and worship in stillness at the end of the day, listening to Third Day on my Celeron computer.
It's great to stand in the presense of God throughout the day from class to clubs,
then to fall silently, deeper in love with Him in the quiet inbetween moments.
It's great to sing praises to His name on Sundays in church, or in the Shurm Lounge Piano after Bible Study.
Or to simply go quiet in the middle of worship overwhelmed by His Glory.

I don't have to imagine much, paradise is just a relationship away.

I'm happy here. Contented, I don't really know what else I could ask for.
Oh yeah...
I need to sing. I haven't practised singing for months. I think i've lost it.

I'm getting fat. frosh 15 is catching up on me.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003


*Joshua is coming! Joshua is coming! Joshua is coming! Joshua is coming!*

I miss the dinners at Seah Street Deli.
I miss leading the CG together.
I miss talking to you.
I miss the fact that you were so much older then me, yet we connected as friends.
I miss playing in the worship team with you.
I miss smsing you in the middle of the day.
Thank you for all this, and for travelling half a globe away to visit me.

Finally, a connection with my life in Singapore.
The days are beautiful. Like a scene out of the silver screen.
The trees are inflamed with fall, the air is crisp, cool and clear.
The summer sun still shines steadfast.
The animals have their being, the bees, the squrrials, the birds the people.
And floating around, like iceing on a cake,
... the hint of a classical guitar.

Life is so balanced here.
This is what education should be like.
It's amazing

Sunday, September 28, 2003

The Odyssey at 01:04 am
With church tomorrow.
and Frosh 15.

Sheesh I'm already headed in that direction.

(frosh 15: the phenomenon in which First year undergrads put on 15 pounds in 8 months.)