Saturday, September 13, 2003

I'm getting a wee bitty home sick.
Thank God for Shulin
*free hugs*

Friday, September 12, 2003

Deep breath

Thursday morning 09:40
Leave dorm, complain about broken shower handle to front desk, grab a cookie, head to the Arts One building.

Thursday morning 09:50
Enter Arts one lounge, settle next to Claudia, attack cookie, muse.

Thursday morning 10:00
Enter orange room. Arts one. Settle next to Eric, chat about the cultral differences between the Canadian and Singaporean education system.

Thursday morning 11:30
Leave Arts one buliding. A little changed.

in academics, it is cold and calculating. it takes God's love and grace to restore the true meaning of academia.
~Dawn Fung.

Why else do we learn. What is the point of studying and deliberating if not for some higher knowlegde of who we are and why we are.

I entered Arts one with a lust for knowledge, intellectual debate and challenge.
I want to discover how we work, how we think, how to live.
I want to understand humanity in all it's glory and pain.
I've done it all before, and I have never left the premises of God's wisdom in that.
The more time I spend on my knees, in the pews, with my pastor,
The greater my understanding, the lesser my prejudices, the greater my wonderment at how beautiful humanity is and how everything falls into place.

i love books and i love research. but i love GOd more and i cannot allow satan to take away our authority to speak truth in our environments.
~Dawn Fung.

Of course truth is all relative, it comes with individual perspective.
Why I loved the Greeks: They demanded that I change my perspective of the world in order to understand them.
Now, I am requested to change my perspective of Gensis and John.
Taking them our of the chrisitan context.
I wonder what's the point of that sometimes, were they not written originally for that purpose? Then again, we can't assume that can we?

We don't know anything about who wrote what, about who it was written for and why it was written (is that even important?).

Sounds like dadaism to me.

"I fear that if I let go of my christian perspective, I will lose sight of the truth, similarly, i fear that if I hold true to my perspectives I will not learn as much as I can and will leave stunted."

Already God has done wonderful things. My attempt to drop my chrisitan perspective has lead to an even stronger reinforcement of who God is. The revelations made personal is sometimes staggering.

But nothing comes easy. For now, the balance is still not quite there yet.

Better is one day in your courts then a thousand else where.


Thursday, September 11, 2003

No wonder you have a blog Hannah, strange things keep happening to you.

[Door knock, Hannah stirs from a semi-concious state after an afternoon nap and answers the door]
Shulin: You're sleeping?!
Hannah: Yeah...
Shulin: ok go sleep.

[much later]

Shulin: Hannah, did you know that you slept through an entire fire alarm?


So the story goes that some popcorn hungry individual over-heated his popcorn in the lounge microwave. The smoke sensors tripped the alarm bringing the firemen in who then evacuated the entire 1st floor.

Apparently, our fire alarm system is pretty funky-state-of-the-arty. We have bells in the corridor (there's one bright red shiny one just above my door), and if that's not enough the rooms are equipped with a groovy device that will spin flashing lights around the room from the celing accompanied by a loud clicking sound...

Couldn't you smell the smoke?

Thing is, it could have been a total lie and I wouldn't have known. I just slept through it all.
Thank God I wasn't fined.

So that was yesterday

Today, however, I was attacked by a bird.


Let's just say that it was big, hungry and that I had breakfast.

Off the red book

"And then she was like..."
"And then I was like...."
"I can't believe she did..."
"I mean she actually went to him...."

Comman conversation trend in the class of Sociology 100-001

I cannot believe the mundanity of the conversations i chance upon. "Ours is a high and lonely destiny" [The magicians Nephew] and I can see why. But I lack the magic.

Scenes from the rose garden

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Top 10 reasons why "The Pit" is not advisable for you (By Andrea Lau):

1) You hate beer.

2) You hate cigarette smoke.

3) You may be charged for being underaged. Or looking it, whichever is worse.

4) Wearing heels may solve (3) but the queue time you have to suffer before getting in will hurt your feet, toes, calves, thighs, back, heels etc. Phew. Heels. Hell. Same difference.

5) When God said "filled with the spirit," He did not mean alcohol. Never mind the miracle where Jesus turned water into wine.; that was at a banquet. Please take a queue number to get married.

6) Talking about bible stories, remember Joseph and the pit? For one, you are not clairvoyant so no one would bother about your flippant interpretation of dreams. Ahem, good try though. Two, give up dreams of being a Cleopatra down the Nile too. A consolation: I can you send you a technicolour dreamcoat . . . In exchange for M.A.C make-up HA!

7) It probably serves fruit punch (which you ONLY drink, it seems . . .) spiked with LSD. Yes, the drug assocated with the hippy movement. I hear Canada's about 40 years late with these fads. What, who did I hear it from?
From the Americans, of course.

8) No U-Blues.

9) Because of (7) and (8), they probably spin vinyl records of Lisa Marie Presley's lullabies.

10) A name which proffers such ambiguity may mean (a) it is the worst pub in town, (b) it suffers frequent blackouts from bill-defying owners, (c) it boasts a rancid acridity, i.e. it smells like Daryl's armpit after he plays too much bass, with the abrasion of his arm against his pit after worship rehearsal
. . . Lethal.

Oh. There, you have 13. Another incentive to keep the rose garden on the agenda.

The model student

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I pray...

For the strength to keep my perspective Godly without being bigoted. Especially when my course requires me to deconstruct the Bible and to read the Koran.
For the patience to love the people I need and to support them even when I cannot understand.
For the strength not to fear being alone.
For grace.

In Arts One lecture

[feels very small] God please send me a friend...
So now i've met james.

And Caroline called. Our God is amazing isn't he?


The outcome of my virgin laundry attempt. I lost a grey sock

Week end out (it's a big thing when you live in school)

UBC bus loop


Sunday, September 07, 2003

It gets a little though day in day out.
Especially when you're suffering from a lack of sleep,
Early morning jog,
School Stress,
and conflicting selfishness.

God take it all from me.

Promise me...
You will go out in joy
and be led forth in peace;
The mountains and hills
Will burst into song before you,
And all the trees of the field
will clap their hands.

~Isa 55:12