Saturday, April 24, 2004

I see you walking down the road.

i still love the people i've loved, even if i cross the street to avoid them."
~uma thurma

"We meet at the lights and I stare for a while.
The world around us disappears."

It's finity: Not knowing enough and fearing the unnknown. Not understanding and reacting adversely to such darkness. And we might stop talking, or might cease to exist altogether.

But I still love you.
Here and Now.

"Let me surround you,
My sea to your shore.
Let me be the calm you seek"

Even if it's just for a moment, let's not crumble.
It's not how long, it's how well.

And I love you.


And on reality today:

i know so many people that have tried... and it always ends in trajity









i think

my mind is so... well done right now

i can't spell either

that looks right though

i hope so.



[2 arts one students, one with English honors in mind]

Friday, April 23, 2004

Will we burn in heaven like we do down here?

3 hours, 3 months, all so different.

I realise that it's not just listening that's important,

Take me out of darkness, out of doubt
I won't weigh it down with good intentions.

it's listening on their terms, learning their language and speaking their tongue. Let me strive to step out of myself and through love, bring it all back in.

We'll make fire out of clay

Relationships are like beings, heaving with living breath. Constantly shifting from fire to fire, page to page penning the story as it's being told. Both are author and reader, teller and listener. A striking dance, one that frustrates the understanding and communicates with the soul.

It's misery made beautiful, right before our eyes.

The mind without the heart is useless. The mind functions understanding, while the heart shows you who to understand, how to understand and more importantly, why you understand.

All this, through and for connection. And then the fire that both hands hold starts to breathe.

Like Magic!

So basic and simple.
So complex and evasive
So mind-blowingly awesome.

[Witness - Sarah Mclachlan]

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Putting on my blue suede shoes

Uncle Ron called me this morning at 9 am and left a voice message.

"Hi Hannah. We haven't forgotten about you. I'm just calling about your moving out.... tuesday...."

It's all so fast holy crap I didn't even see it slide by in less then a week we'll all go back to where we came from a little changed a little different a little older and a little wider and it's all gone never to come back again.

Then I look back and yearn.
Then I look forward and dream.

Here and now.
The key to effectiveness and contentment.

So I'm done with all my finals. I'm going to settle down with a good book, start packing, do my taxes, tie up loose strings and before you know it, Vanier will fade away.

And I guess that's why they call it the blues
Time on my hands could be time spent with you.
Laughing like children,
Living like lovers.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I need to find the essense of pure love.
And I think it comes from understanding that it's bigger then me.

I should't actively love, I should let love actively use me.

Rice boy

[Hannah hands Jeremy the No Name 2 kg packet of rice]

Jeremy: [disdainfully] this is white man's rice.

Forget the fact that he has blonde hair and green eyes.

Hannah: how was dinner?
Jeremy: Great. I don't think I put enough water in the rice though.
Hannah: ahhhhhhh white man rice eh?
Jeremy: I'll give it another chance but I think it is inferior rice.

Honestly, I wouldn't know. And you owe me dinner.

Monday, April 19, 2004


LARRYO-oo-o-o-o he's a vegetarian,
Larryo larryo

Post-exam resolution.

And surprisingly I'm not aching from the climb. It was honestly, awesome. Though it seriously wasn't THAT big a deal. Motivation wasn't an issue. Unlike jogging, the only way back was to reach the top and take the gondola down. Soooo...

You better lock me up, I'll do it again

Ok but first, i gotta tackle them finals.

Sunday, April 18, 2004


Jeremy and I at the top of Grouse mountain.
Yes. We climbed up.

J and his Hainan Chicken rice.
He's an asian at heart. An egg.
It was awesome. the best asian food

2 degrees, and we were sweating.
Sandaled feet, in the snow.
1h 40 min of LOTR reality.
Do you think I've gone too far?