Saturday, May 03, 2008

Can you really have too much of a good thing, if that good thing is love? I'm kinda just sitting here realizing that I have too many people and too little time. This explains why my perfect moments always exist in the corridors and in between spaces of my day; from class to class, from school to the bar, from the IAR to Curtis. When I am in the wood between worlds, I can rest, dream and be within splash-length of each loved one. So stop time here, when I am most aware of all that I have.
Last night I had a terrible dream. I dreamt that there was this big monster that ate human beings stomping around town... eating human beings. He was a giant lizard, kinda like godzilla. So he's at my building and we can't move because if we move, he'll detect us. We're all hiding so he can't see us but he sticks in a metal ruler (in giant lizard proportions) and waves it around to see if he hits (anyone). Nothing more stressful then like, hiding from a giant waving metal rule.

Later, somehow, we're all on the road, and to compound it all, there this rampant virus in the air turning people into mutants. We hitch hike with this old man in is car and drive through the desolate town.

God, that was stressful.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The first of my friends left today. I'm in denial about the ending of my first year in Law school. I had a ridiculously great semester. It took me a while but I've found open hearts and honest minds and I could not ask for more. I've found people who earnestly love, and seek to be my home.

I'm experiencing my annual May tantrum session right about now. I've again found balance - and will lose it again in about 15 days.

Thank you, you all in my life right now, for making my excessively happy.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's in his kiss... just don't expect it anywhere else.

Boyfriend: ... i hope it makes u happy. I can't deal with sappy... sometimes

Me: Sappy? What do you mean?

Boyfriend: mmm.... like when you sulk sometimes.... about how life is bad to you. I'm like... well f**k you.

Me: Am I an ok girlfriend?

Boyfriend: You're the best girlfriend I've ever had!

Me: Shut up.

Boyfriend: if that's any consolation

I'm his first girlfriend.
always always always... grab life by the balls.