Saturday, March 31, 2007

When you are humble, you can listen. When you can listen then you can learn; and you will see the difference between truth and disobediance.

Now that's a place where we can start.
No YBHs, ok Dustin?

Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm afriad that I will not make it in life.

I don't even know what the defintition of 'make it' is.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Flow with power!

Ok, if anyone still reads my blog, I need some help. One of my best friends, RK3 wants to create a Parkour logo with Chinese characters. For those of you who aren't familiar with Parkour, it's french for 'Free-running' ala Casino Royalle. It's a sport-to-be that entails running aross town in the most trecherous way possible, scaling walls, railings and basically anything scalable.

Anyway back to the logo: it's been narrowed down to three options (just like the three options for Merger between Singapore and Malaysia):

A) 流力:(liu3 li4) A pun on 流利 (liu3 li4)which basically means fluency. 流利 would be used in describing one's aptitude in say, a langauge. BUT! I've changed the last character from 利 to 力。 力 basically means strength (like what sporty spice has on her arm 女力)。 So putting the two together you get some obscure sense of flowing power. Which... is kinda what parkour is. in my opinion.

B) 飞:(fei1)Courtesy of JM. 飞 is what it looks like: to fly. Which... is kinda what parkour is too. And to placate my desperate need for a pun, JM suggests an English term 'fey' which means magic, or 'touched by magic'. Cool so far, but it also means fated to die or at the point of death. Not entirely something you want on your shirt while you're leaping off a tall builing in hopes of getting to the next tall building in one piece. Which leads me to the third option

C) 跳楼:(tiao4 lou2) Courtesy of JH. 跳 means 'jump' 楼 is indicative of a storey in a building. So it would literally mean "to jump off a building". Which... is kinda what parkour is. But the implicative meaning is to commit suicide. And as Robby says: 'we aren't TRYING to die, we just might in the process'.

So anyway, leave a comment and tell me which you think would be best tattooed onto the chests of burly parkour men while they run freely through the city.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Round and round

Wheels that never stop turning. Will I ever stop running? Better yet, can we keep running together?

I'm really nice to my friends, but i'm a terrible girlfriend.
Oh whatever Hannah, you're a sweetheart.

~Me to Majortom and Majortom to Me.

Oh really?