Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I'm off to the philippines world.
want anything?

I can't write anymore.
My imagination has left me.
I'm stuck on buses now with boredom or books.
Left in the stink of my inertia.

I'm off to the philippines God.
want anything?

Oh that I could give you back the world.
That I could make that darn "tick-tock" song come true.
That I could just give and not lose.

Then i would take away the colour in the world, make void the human spirit, take away beauty with the pain, remove the meaning of existance, make redundent everything God has done.

In a way perhaps, such is needed for the finite to have a glimpse of what we are otherwise too pathetic to comprehend. It's all about the human experience. God reaches us in a divinely human way. From pain rises glory, from blackness appreciation of white. It's all within the human experience. thank god he knows that.

Don't fret.


Scarlet Petaled flower
Even if you were to fade away
Tomorrow would still come
Though never the same as yesterday.

I faded away and things changed.
I dream in fear and you in pain.

it's because of what you went through that you are what you are today.
I can't blot it out. erase it. ignore it.
I have to learn to accept and move on.
To allow that to become a part of me. Naturally.
Maybe it's time to make peace.