Monday, June 05, 2006

My time in cambodia, see through my mother's SMSes:

Mother. We Change our plans and are staying the night at Udom near Kompong Chhnang. We met a girl on the bus to Chhnang. Just so you know. Let Solina Know. Girl's name is Borey. Awesome family. Will contact you again tomorrow.

So. Borey saw me screamig at the bus driver to stop the bus while Thi was paying for our tickets. Everyone was screaming with laughter as I bashfully apologized when the driver finished pulling into a gas station and thi steps up, flustered, after agreeing to my wild idea of leaving for Kompong Chhnang in 10 minutes. LETS DO IT! We jumped on a moto, bargained like crazy. Back to Hotel, packed our laundry that was strewn around, back on the motos and to the stations.

Borey was very amused and we had the best Khmer food that night. woke to a most amazing village sunrise. The air swelling with song as her family (most of whom didn't speak english) allowed us into their lives. I bathed outdoors in an outhouse, next to a fat ass spider.