Friday, June 02, 2006

ok can't talk too much cos internet cafe time is almost up.
Been a blast. 3 on a moto against traffic during rush hour and being on a lemur moto in the middle of some village with the other 20 passengers looking at you suspiciously is the best cambodian experience ever.

Oh and Thi is the best. We play this game. I entertain him, and he saves me from myself.
Like just an hour ago, I could've gotten myself killed by angry locals with whom I bargained and fought over for string I could hang my washing on. I wanted to buy it for 12 cents, they wanted 14. No go.

We can never go back that street again.

Shit. over time. Might as well blog somemore as thi says.

But yes, I managed to get my Laos visa, for those of you who know the trauma I went through wrt to the embassies, sneaky hotels and international children's day, be relieved. It's here, in my hands and I will be shimming up the Mekong River soonish. I will get to stay in huts lit only by candles and tiptoe around landmines and bandits.

Dear god, protect me.

I will try to blog if the area permits, and if my singaporean Kiasuness doesn't get the better of me.

Now thi and I will head back on a Moto, becuase we cannot walk back through the streets where the lady was selling the 14 cent string. I could've bought the whole roll for 50 cents. But hey, I love a good bargain.

Actually I don't and have been torn up over what an ass i was. But it's over. And I still need to wash my clothes.


Monday, May 29, 2006


As I told Dr Steven Lee, I'm about to take off to cambodia now to shimmy up the Mekong river. As forced by pampering churchmates, I am taking my cellphone with me and have gotten a new plan (and number) that allows for roaming. So for those who are fearful of my safety, please contact my parents who will recieve daily text messages from me spelling assurances of me being phsyically, emotional and spiritually intact.

Ps Wee and Ps Doris recounted the incident in Ratanakiri where they were nearly kidnapped by bandits, and David mentioned a documentory pertaining to a combination Khmer Rouge killings and landmines. A little fazed, I am still very grateful that my parents have allowed me to go, fuss-free and have helped me in innumerous ways.

Sometimes, taking good care of yourself means letting people take care of you.