Saturday, May 27, 2006

I am so in Singapore right now. I guess that's a good thing, enjoying where you're at and really being here, in the community. I have to say that I have the best family in the world. I could gush but it's really pointless*.

Where you stand affects the perception of what you see. I stand here, and I look there. And I wonder if it's worth it. We buy, we sell, and as much as I rail against Economics as a sort of self-perpatuating lie, over-rated and distorted... we buy and sell. We change this for that, and in relationships, him for her.

And I am sure I have. And I sometimes find myself asking if it was worth it.
No, worth is the wrong question to ask, this isn't a question of economics.

Was it wise?

And now that I am persuing. Is this wise? And ever so quietly, is it worth it?

* So daddy tells us this highly ridiculous story of a this time in Israel with the ship when he saw a squrriel. He was so excited, he took off the shirt he was wearing, threw it on the unsuspecting animal and rushed off to share his new pet with his teammates.

They looked, they saw, they ran. It was actually a skunk.

I just have images of my dad, topless, holding a bundle the size of a baby and calling it a squrriel. This beats the time he tried to wash his car in Calgary, in sub-zero weather.
I am holding a huge lump of shit in my hands.
The celing fan underwhich my extended family sits pensively spins hard and fast.
Like inevitability runs.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I had an absolutely rad thought today that I wanted to get blogged down, but it slipped by the catches of my mind and I can't seem to find it anymore. Oh well.

Life in Singapore hasn't been anything spectacular, I've been giggling a lot with old friends, painting the town red with new ones and finding flames in the oddest places.

Tristan and Dennis: Two people from my youth still dancing strong. Watching their salty backs swaggering to some brain-numbing skirt-chasing tune, I caught a smile on my lips as my heart succumbbed to all resistance toward affection.

Cherry: For when we talked of sibling sex.

Erwin and Belmont: My social circle is only a circle because the two of you were uncovered holding hands in my life.

Shubs and JB: For being Canadian, and Singaporean with me.

Oh I could go on, but I really need to shower, I'm feeling gross. But before I finish I just wanted to note a funny trend that has occured of late:

4 boys, 4 geeks, and a lady (by some definition).

UBC physics or just plain wacko social theory; I've had a blast. Please let's have more beers in void decks or walks along hertiage Singapore.

And then the Hockey. So Colin and I are the newest hardcore fans of the Winter Flames.
For their big hearts, heterogenity, and humanity. For car rides that urge me to reevaluate my life and 4 am suppers.

All because of Ian.
Because I will always have a soft spot for him no matter how much of a bitch he decides to become.
And you know you love me, and always will.

And my parents. My mummy makes everything all ok.
She held my hand today when I was getting shots.
Then I held hers.