Saturday, July 12, 2003

I'm going to re-do my blog. perhaps on a more ego-centric note...

Won't be annoymous for long.

I could slip, I could fall
In that mean and awful hall
With the other jealous bitches
And the bitter grumbling men

I could sneer, I could glare
Say that life is so unfair
And the one who made it, made it
'Cuz her breasts were really big

Well I don't wanna to get BITTER
I don't wanna turn cruel
I don't wanna get old before I have to

I could bitch, I could moan
Say I want to be left alone
But that's not really true
Because I like my time with you

Till you rant and you rave
Wishing fat folks to their grave
But I feel sorry for them
You say they get what they deserve

But I don't wanna get BITTER
I don't wanna turn cruel
I don't wanna get old before I have to

I don't wanna get jaded
petrified and weighted
I don't wanna get BITTER like you
Like you, with the darts in your eyes
Like you, with disdain for mankind
I was charmed, Now I wonder

Well I don't wanna get BITTER...

So I'll smile with the rest
I'll wish everyone the best
And know the one who made it
Made it 'cuz she was actually pretty good

I wonder if anyone would start singing that to me.

Exhausted. I really should go sleep now. But I'm playing with MGI photosuite.
My newer friend.

Oh well.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

I wonder. Do people realise that reactions are bred of past experiences and inner desparations.
Maybe I could start to be more forgiving and to realise that.
And not expect that in return.


I've got a new friend. Well, he's been around for quite sometime. It's just that i haven't really noticed him till now.

Probably the sweetest thing one could see when you're running late for a meeting on a hot afternoon.

So my entire day was documented on my new found friend.

Scenes from a bus

Roads are such pretty things!

On my way to CBC


Yes this is the guy who has no sense of creativity.
Let's watch the flowers grow.

In Q's car


1 Green pink soda bag.
1 Elle paris pouch
1 lip balm
1 hand mirror
1 pen shoppe brush
1 plato's Republic
1 note book
1 pencil case
1 wallet
1 handphone
2 keys
5 packets of tissue