Friday, August 03, 2007

The disconnected generation - finding meaning the the lyrics of pop songs. NO CULTURE!
~Boss, in response to my passionate homily on U2 and the spiritual significance they have had on my life.

My stumped expression must have had come across as indignant and he immediately followed his tirade with the mercy of granting the 'pop' phenomenon the status of a culture in itself.

Not that I cared. I was too busy being flustered about the inherent rightness of his statement. Here I am, trying so hard to be Chinese, to be who I ought to be, the the people who speak most to me are a bunch of Irish men in bling.

And as I fret, the most important lesson that I have learnt here rises to mind: some things just are.

And there's no need to justify and explain yourself, just be.

Sometimes, MCQs are the way to go.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Because he's talking to you...

Dear all in BKK, you know I love you, so I won't expound on this subject anymore. If I do, it'll get dry. I was afraid to leave, because I am afraid to lose you and what we had. Oh well. One day.

In the north eastern sky
Down the sun in my mind
He's making his way into our world
It's a long way to go
Five days in a row
Oh but Hannah she knows what's good for him

And you'll see him
you'll feel him
Because he's talking to you

And Hannah we know, he's gone

Hannah We Know ~ Tiny Dancers