Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pools of un-understanding. Sometimes I just want to stand there and tell you that I don't know. And I really don't.

But for now, I can say that this is all very restful. Like a pendulum on the down swing, I'm coming back to real.

I don't care to say what
I failed to recognize
Every single day from the poker to the prize
Running out of Springfield
I worked for the Capitol Air, in the bags
Found a woman there who said
She had a mind to make
Me a messenger man

If my father took his life
For the national plan, I don't care
I'm not about to stick my grave with an
Apron and a bucket of plans, never ever
I can take the pillow cases
Off the yellow pillows
Make a property line from the bed
In the living room, the living room
The morning papers made the most
Out of nothing at all

So we took the room
With a view of the runaway
I took off my clothes
And she took it for a holiday
I was taken for all the things
That I never had before
Running out of Springfield
She left me with a note saying:
"Bobby, don't look back"

And if my wife took a bicycle ride
With a knife in her hand
I saw it coming
All the shadflies run at once
With a trumpet or a train
Oh, I'm running from it

Wait a minute, wait a minute
Give a minute, lady
I can explain the aftershave
Wait a minute, wait a minute
Give a minute
Bobby got a shadfly
Caught in his hair

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Truth in Jest

[Talking about my Comparative Law class]:

Hannah: I just don't really talk... you know... Asianness
Glen: What? I thought one year of law school would have changed that
Hannah: what??? You think I'd lose my blood so easily? Or the colour of my eyes?

Like how people return after 3 years of studying overseas with an 'accent' that they just can't get rid off. Seriously now. 3 years, up against the formative 18 years of your life. Seriously now. If anyone is speaking Ang Moh, it ought to be me. But it ain't! Besides we all share the same biology right? I haven't met a Single person from here, returning from exchange with a different accent. God.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Friggin Alberta calls at 6.50 am to tell me that my loan can't be processed because the post office I sent it through forgot to stamp the forms.

Here is when I start whining about incompetence.



First caller give me the fax number - which I lost due to sleep disorientation

I call again - Second lady gives me fax number AND tells me my ID number that I need to put on my documents - Nice thing to know, first caller.

I got the wrong number - call again - third lady gives me the right fax number AND tells me that I also need to fax the document to the National loans center.

Thank god for MY incompetence. If not, I'd have to do this over and over again.
Two wrongs do make a right.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I love my house. It's warm, bright, clean, comfortable, dry, safe and cosy.

I also have a room to let. Anyone?

Monday, September 08, 2008

In another time and place...

... yes, complicate me, please.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Bedbug people come to exterminate the last remnants of whatever "bedbugs" there are. Get back at 8 pm and start laundry. Sleep at 3 am


Wake up at 8.50 for my 9.30 class. Late of course. But I somehow make it in time. Call Jonathan B to tell him that I can't go over to collect some things. Go home. Joy informs me that we never HAD bedbugs. So I quit on laundry. Go back to school to meet Leaf. Come back home to get ready for the boat cruise.

Jin comes over and we make up (not out) and leave for Christian's, bottle of Vodka in hand. Walking down, we hear a honk and a car slide up by us on the road. Georgetti! We get a ride to Christian's, call Chinese food and enjoy.

We leave for the Cruise. Almost late. Running around we find it. Jin drags me away from the man who said "SPEAK ENGLISH" to some Asian dude because I was about to take him down. We get on board and was bored to tears. I met a cool First Nations PhD student doing First Nation's history on identity. I need to talk to him more. He isn't angry. I need to learn.

We leave FINALLY after 4 hours of a terrible band and head to darby's to meet the rest of the law crowd. I had a charming 25 minutes before Tim shows up and takes us out in his car to the Regal Beagle. Exhausted by 2 am, we leave, but not before the guy who has been smiling at me all night says bye. *awkward*

We don't go home. we go to the beach and talk.

I go home. I have no mattress. weh.