Saturday, August 16, 2003

I understood the bafflement. I was there myself.

I am an Artiste

And TAGS challenged me.
It showed me the myraid forms of art that may not be mine, and even so cannot be disputed to be strong or good.
That art reaches to the very edges of human experience and that in itself is almost unfathomable, the possiblities are endless.
That I should never undermine another's form of expression simply because I do not understand.
That art is found everywhere. In mannerisms, idiosyncrisies, walking styles.
That training is of utmost importance, as prayer is to a christian. Without it, one is crippled
That my art, at this point in time, is not independent and is based more on interpretation then on creation.

I am a Christian
And TAGS challenged me
It showed me that to Christ my service is only worth my attitude.
That agape love IS possible.
That no one is indispensible, or dispensible.
That I need to learn humility and servanthood.
That prayer is of utmost importance, as training is to an Artiste. Without it, one is crippled.
That letting go and letting God means LETTING GO and LETTING GOD.

I am a Christian Artiste
And TAGS challenged me
It showed me that we need to be open to art forms in worship.
That I am first a christian, and secondly an artiste. And my life should follow suit.
That Christian art is rich in possibility and that I should limit it to what I am comfortable with.
That Christian art is probably defined by the process and not just by the finished product.
That when I engage in Christian art, I surrender myself to God's agenda.
That letting go and letting God comes with a lot of prayer and bible reading.

"let me rest in your presence"


You wanna eat some worms? I'll eat them with you.

And what's beautiful is that it's all so natural.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

CFA with Friends
Rhythm and rhapsodies...
Dance reflections...
Blah blah...

No shit, I had walked into a press conference.
Dang, it wasn't a perfornance and dinner

So cherry and I sat around having dinner *trying to mingle with working adults who were attempting to network. Of course they couldn't wriggle a name card out of me, nor did they get much gratification on hearing that I would be going to UBC.

I did run into Martin's bride though. Small world. She works for NUSS alongside the nice lady who sat next to me. Whom i felt that I had short changed by simply BEING there.

I also found out why Theatre wasn't offered by the CFA.
Demand didn't warrent supply.

"Cherry that only proves that you're a Bimbo"
"Hannah! Don't say that word here! It sounds childish!"
Point taken. Both ways.

And so with much regret, "clara" and "terry" left after 2 songs in the open jam.
Lest we missed our last bus.
Tat glam.

Yes we always end up in stupid situations.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

... to the Lord of heaven and earth

Worship on monday was good. It tore me apart.
I'm beginning to understand that God is uh... beyound understanding.

I just read an article on dating, and how your past affects you. Talked about how one should identify dating patterns that were destructive, and that "I dated the wrong guy" was a very lame excuse as you are focusing on THEIR past not YOURS.

I think I have a lot to learn, I guess Canada is good in this respect.

13 days left and counting.

Hold on tight

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Sweet, unneccesary

Yes, I am highly unsentimental. I don't try to keep in touch, I don't weep over a loss, I hate little knick-knacks, I don't call, I don't have parties, I don't chat over the phone.

But I won't deny if you ask.

And my heart will swell over a cozy conversation, dance to the rhythm of shared laughter, heave over recollected memories and ache at a pending loss.

This song was meant for you
It had a happy ending
But you had to change your mind
I don't know what happened
Thought that you would never leave
Is a song forever
Life for you will surely change
Maybe for the better

God is Love
God is Love
God is Love...

Lord, I'm not sure if the team is up to it
Your responsiblity is to be an instrument for me to use.
Lord, I cannot believe my circumstances
It's part of your moulding process

Yes well, I'm trying

thong is mad.
he wants to send me off at 6am

The first of the three.
Yes well, we'll all be there soon.

Haha was about to say that i'll miss you.. then i remembered....
I don't have to, and that pushes the reality of everything a little deeper in.

I'm trying to listen to them!
I didn't know.
A knife would've been cleaner seriously.