Saturday, March 10, 2007

I love how my conversations with Mel run deep into the night. 2 hours of jab-jabbering about everything and nothing. Being completely honest and loving. Yes, thanks for offering to beat up people you deem to be hazardous to my health. It's nice being protected.

And then the boyfriend. Who is too good to me. I owe him plenty.
Watching you live, feeling me die

I'm sentimental alright. But there are some things that are just too precious to me. And I wonder how I lost you in less then three years. What took you away? What made you grow apart fro me? Maybe it's just time, relevancy, or maybe there are no maybes to contend with.

Seasons do come and go, and I sometimes think that I've been outgrown. But no matter, no one's alone in this journey of being left behind or deviated from. So I think I can care, be hurt and not collapse into myself when unrequited expectations come crashing down.

Love you always.

Friday, March 09, 2007

5 months ago, I'd wait till the wee hours of the morning for that exciting curve of a name to flash onto MSN. Complete with the red iconic avatar that would tell me that my wait is over.

Now it just tells me I must wait a lot longer.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Evenings with Glen.

No, I never mind silences. They say lot in themselves. And as the dusk scatters across the sky the quiet calm still fails to grant stillness. Only restless souls left, like leaves being blown about by the wind. Apologies and acceptance here go hand in hand. No fear. Cross roads come and you go home and to the library. I walk the other way.

By then the evening fades away and night comes like a cloak. Giving blindness to once-happy eyes. Too attuned to light, they stumble in the dark.

Expectations suck.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I love my new job although sometimes it gets a little tiring. Now I know why they wanted two people. I am one.

Funny, I used to dread Wednesdays. It meant an early morning waking at 8.30. Now I am grateful for the extra two hours of sleep.

Oh, and I am raising funds for the UBC Navigators. Work day - I will be working for a whole saturday at homestart. I need funds. Please contact me if you're willing to help out the Navs.

God, fundraising is so hard.

Monday, March 05, 2007

To Sabbath is indeed a very good thing. I start work tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Finally! Word verification is alive.

The past week has been simply wonderful. As if the world is taking the extra effort to let me know that I am loved and that I will be loved. And it has truely been a pleasure.

First up, meeting with Simon and Mel at some distant end of Richmond. Always knew that we'd be friends in some way shape or form, and meeting Mel completed the Simon picture. Through all this, I was reaffirmed of global and distanced friendships. Simon and Ting feel to be like the two other points of the triangle that traces the globe.

And then today. OH GOD TODAY. MURC was in full swing and I found myself needing to present without a compatible computer system to run my presentation. I almost expected to be repremand for my lack of foresight and preperation. But instead, it seemed that the entire organization swept down to assist me. Oh wow was it beautiful. And then to have rambled through my entire presentation on an adrenaline high, only to leave feeling very non-academic and undeserving of a degree.

I was affirmed left right and center. This is what education, and life, should be.

Well now. I'm back in the library getting back to the grind. I'm smiling.

Oh, and of course, I have a wonderful boyfriend.