Monday, April 03, 2006

It doesn't matter anymore

The truth of a person doesn't lie in who he/she is right now, but it is the sum of all their parts. Maybe this is the frustration of remaining unknown, in that to be truely known -and loved- you need to have your history, as well as your future known as much as your present is.

I am who I am, and there is only one other I AM who can accept that.
No one else is obligated to do so.

Eventually you just let the stone fall...

And becuase we're human, the closest we can come to knowing is journeying. The mutual process of becoming together. Of deciding to love each other, baselessly, senselessly, irrationally and yet reverantly, in the light of the Cross.

But because we're finite, some journeys never come to being.
And lets not be fooled. These failed relationships are the product of our own choices.
We will stories to unfold and beings to come into existance. Unless we fall into Sin, and our will dissolves into flesh.

And that's all we're left with.

I dreamed that I saw you, you were down at the corner store. You were flipping though magazines and you flew out the door. I tried to wave to you but you wouldn't wave back. Now you know I understand that you're with me, only in the past.

Mel yells at me, and Tom thinks me crazy for still being hung up over Dennis.
Even Mother thinks that I should get over it at the drop of a hat.

I still have dreams - Writhing in cruel hostility, yearning and bitterness.

My palms are not open,
They're closed.
They're closed.

Sin. Is paralysing.
And while the paralysis holds hostage most of the soul, the redemption process has been started at the Cross.

Now where does that leave us, with the past?
Sweet memories, in the context of truth.

Colours streak the sky we laugh and we cry
And we dance in the cool grass with the fireflies
And we dance in the cool grass sunset birds
Sweet sweet music swallow our words

You set sail and you left this town
Run away, run away, you're so far from me now

So far from me now

Only In the Past ~ Be Good Tanyas

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Muhammad my Friend
Teach me how to love my brothers who don't know the law.