Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ladies and Gentleman. The perfect summation of my life:


Ok everyone, I've got a plan. Here's this.

I'll save up money to buy an island somewhere in the pacific (I like the weather lah) and then move all the people that I love, there. Then we can start our own commune and be happy.

I just want to be with you all forever.
You're all such a part of me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Food log:

12/06/07 - One day after my cleanse

Breakfast: Tortilla shells, sour cream and soup.
Lunch: Sushi (Agadashi Tofu, Miso Soup, BC roll and Sashimi)
Dinner: Sushi (Gyoza, Tuna and Avacado Roll, bits of Thi's dinner)


Breakfast: CINNAMON BUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel great. Cept for my jaw. which is aching from the sudden surge in exercise after a long 10-day hiatus.
Day 10 pt 2.

Boss: Ok, tonight, you must take it easy. Don't shock your system with food. ONLY fruit juices and water - NO Jenny, she can NOT have a cinnamon bun. You're trying to kill her! - ok? Only fruit juices and water and maybe a small bowl of vegetable broth -No pasta noodle! gosh Jenny! - And tomorrow for breakfast - NO Cinnamon bun! Not yet! - ONE fruit ok? just one. And then maybe for lunch... I think you can only have sashimi but no sushi. Rice is hard on the stomach.

Dustin (via sms): Congratulations Hannah! Remember not to eat much right away as it does weird things to your body. Ease back into it! :)

Me (in response to Dustin): Uh... I'm at Burgoo...

So one bottle of Happy Planet later, I find myself sitting at a table by the window in Burgoo, waiting for Thi. Thi's great. I'm sitting on my white knit sweater because it hurts to sit on hard surfaces. At work I sit on an air cushion, at home I sit on my bed. Now the wooden chair grates against my bum bones pressing too hard against my now non-fleshy ass. I'm actually 42 kg now.
Thi comes over (late, as usual) and buys me dinner. DINNER, which was meant to be a small bowl of clear, vegetable soup ended up being this hearty bean stuffed grain filled spice laden whopping bowl of chunky goodness with three slabs of butter soaked bread.

I was so sure my entrails were going to come spilling out of my belly button, protesting, writing in their once-clean-now-smeared agony.

Dustin calls. Evidently worried, surprised, and... amused? Hannah... my mouth was in so much pain after i ate.

Mine was too - from all that chewing.

Tummy was fine for the rest of the evening. And when I got home, I just HAD to have that frozen pasta that's been sitting in the freezer for the past two weeks.

It is SO GOOD to be eating!

And now i'm eating tortilla shells with sour cream and soup.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

DAY 10!!


And none... well almost nonetheworse for wear. I think I've gotten way too boney for my own good and should break it anyway.

Pooping this morning was as usual, shocking. My skin is clearer, I think.
And I've lost around 6 pounds (2-3 kg). I can't afford to lose anymore.

So dinner with the boss is cancelled as my Coworker can't make it, and its taking me all that I have to not NOT break my fast.

I really need some protein.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Lord, I want to hunger after you.
Day 9

Exhausted and boney. I am so glad I'm having dinner tomorrow night.
I can't wait to CHEW.

Oh and my tongue isn't as coated anymore.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day 8

Pooped more then usual today. My mouth tastes gross and sour. I think it's working.

On another note:
Must. Grow. Up.

Nah. that's a lie.