Saturday, December 11, 2004

Hannah: Not knowing other cultures in the 1800s was alright because everything was colonized and ruled by whites...

Dustin: Ahhhh.. back in the good ol' days...

I appreciate my quadmates. Especially for their honesty.

Today, DJ thought of setting me on fire.

Friday, December 10, 2004

God dammit

Global politics is depressing: we can't even decide on what we have, let alone what to do.
How do we move together when we're in seperate realities?

My head and my heart hurt.

The Truth never changes, although the experience and manifestation of Truth might vary. So in a postmodern world where cultural relativism reigns, where do we draw the line between culture and sin? Can we?

If there is only one thing I dare say about God it is that I am not enough to know Him. That he is bigger then I and that I am in no position to propose that I know His will and workings for anyone else other then I. Only three things I would say are universal absolutes:

1) God is Holy
2) God is All-powerful
3) God is Good.

These are the logical and experiential outcomes of God being Love and Truth, together and one.

Above all, God isn't defined by any of these things, rather these infinite absolutes are defined by the nature of God. We cannot comprehend pure Holiness, the absolution of Power and empirical Good within humanity. What we have are mere reflections, broken attempts, and disappointing shortfalls of what is unattainably divine. What we have are traditions, religions and cultures.

Jesus replied, "And why do you break the command of God for the sake of your tradition?"
~Matt 15: 3

What matters? What really really matters? What is beyond all priority? What dictates sheer existance?

God himself: Truth and Love.

It doesn't start with me, or with others, but with the Person of God.
I can only thank God that the Person of God is interested in me and in others; in Human hearts.

So how are we to live? In Truth and Love. In the Truth of the Person of God, not in tradition, culture or religion, and with the Love of God, not as dictated by tradition, culture or religion. We're not in any position, are we, to decide who deserves love and who is good. We don't even have the power to control our own lives.

(If you're reading this, you're lucky that you are existing in that slice of society that empowers you, economically, socially and politically (unless you're in Singapore). It's a gift, not a right. Even if it IS a right, 80% of the World has been wronged. So no, you didn't get to where you are by sheer choice, but because you're in a position where your choices are honored.)

We are so darn fallible.

We're not told explictly in the bible how to live in this day and age as differentiated individuals, but we're told who to live by.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Can I be here forever? Here with you?

I've been down this road before.

As Zoe in Singapore comes together, I desire to come to a deeper understanding on the defination of eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.
John 17:3

I got to get back to where it all began
When I would wait for only You

It's been some journey. Plummeting my mind into my heart and trying to make it flesh. I'm sure that I've failed miserably, that I've fallen desperately short of anything resembling righteousness. But it was worth the ride.

I think I could recognise You. But I daren't be sure. I need to be careful.

Like a child I'll take You at Your word
As these mountains of doubt, they fade away
I'm longing to trust and love You more
So for me this is beautiful
A brand new thought, and a brand new world
Can I stay here forever here with You?

To understand thirst and hunger in this context, to be able to live my life aligned with the Spirit, to be unperturbed by the desire to justify myself, to be me, bring me to my knees.

Can I know what it's like to deeply love You?

And Lord, for the record, I'm willing to do anything.
Just show me.

I thank God that it isn't about me anymore.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Realize what you are

I walk into this room, all eyes on me now
But I do not know the people inside

The past few months have taken me on a journey, a narrative of some sorts.

To look deeper and further, beyond and above.
Then you lose sight of yourself.

We're all drifting away
Away from you, but I pray for you now

There are no excuese, only reasons.
And when I'm not there to offer them, lost somehwere in a labyrinth.
You're gonna make it all alright.

Don't you know when you give life
Then you become what you are
What you are ~ DMB

Monday, December 06, 2004




It's ok.