Saturday, September 06, 2003

Doing laundry now.
My first step to Independency.
If my clothes all come out in one colour or barbie doll sized...
Then Shulin has led me astray.

Classes have been fine,
I'm starting to feel a wee bit more intelligent then ground Zero.
It's just that...

It's pretty hard to feel connect when you have no past.

Oh well... It's building up.
First stop: Campus Crusade for Christ.

For now, it's just trying to cope.

Friday, September 05, 2003

It's amazing what God has done really. Good friends, Good school.
Met up with Pastor Teo, contacted Gideon, Started classes.

But there are downs too.

I feel like a kid.

I'm smaller then everyone and I look a hell lot younger too.

Haven't been to The Pit yet.
I need to show 2 pieces of ID to prove that I'm old enough to drink.

Why bother?

I can't be seen anyway.


My room

My singaporean friends

Friends after pillow fight

During pillow fight

My campus

The roads

Had a lot more wonderful photos but snapfish is cranky and so am I.