Thursday, May 15, 2003

Stright of to slate of a 14-year-old

If God would cry
When someone good on Earth dies
He would seldom weep


Well now, let's not go into the theology of it all but the psychology.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Live simply that others can simply live

I used to be unhappy with people who didn't understand the value of money.
Then again, the value of money differs from person to person. we can't be prescriptive

If everyone decided that they needed the barest necessities to survive, we wouldn't get far would we.
No need for great technological advancements,
We're all pretty well off without the wheel anyway.

So without the rich, the wealthy, the powerful.
The desensitized fools who demand at at the pain of others,
We may not be all that well off.

Point being?
Materialism is underrated

Thank you for that walk by the sea. It made me realise how domesitc you are to me, and how beautiful such simplicity can be.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003


I'm in love.

6 girls, one apartment, giddy with rocking cresents and black moons and cow and co.

We walked away reverently and stared into the patterned mirror

[twack!] we are 'Miss?eve'

Big heavy weight.
I think it was anticipation, excitment, fear and exhileration.
I hope we know what we're getting into.
I hope we can handle the changes.

I Should have realised something was wrong when he said, "Hi I am Godot, I will be your waiter, I will be back shortly to take your order


It's the day before the 20th.
On the bed, cool evening sounds.
Cacophany to me.
Tears like mist, barely there but all around.
Unfathomable pain, a sense of the inevitable.
This is like some from of sick surgery. Where some part of this sacred anatomy is wrenched away and separated, but only for a slip in time.
Postive step.

Only there's no sense of that.
Risk of paralysis, death and more.

I don't know how we'll get through

Monday, May 12, 2003

You are Mango & Peach Shower Gel or
Fresh and sexy, everyone has a secret desire for you to be around them. You seldom enjoy taking centre stage, but the party is never the same without you there. You are a supportive and exciting friend who guarantees laughter and good times.
What Body Shop Product Are You

Don't you just love the lies they sprinkle on you?


Karmen has been messaging me, Fatin, e-mailing me.
Didn't Burton talk about weening?

Oh well, it's nice to be loved.

I don't understand why I suffer from insecurity.
No matter how much i see in myself. It's never enough.
Never enough not for me, but for my IMAGINATION.
No matter how little I see in other, it's always astonding.
Not astonding to me, but to me IMAGINATION.

He's a cruel cruel person.

Sometimes, on 969 or 858 or 167, we sit together somewhere in a crack of time.
And he holds me, tells me I'm good enough, that I'm almost everything i want.

But in the face of my e-mails, friends and situations, he changes.
He tells me, tells me I'm not good enough, that everything else rises so high up above me that it's futile to even move a finger to attempted to reach out.

He's like a dice.


I've been accepted.
I'm trying not to cry.