Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Face pressed against the ceiling, I was shoulder pressed by Dave, Tony's 6ft 6 friend from Wisconsin. Tom and I spun frisbees around, running and laughing hard.

Talking to Mel I realise that my life comes to me easy.
And I am in danger of seeing everything as cheap.

Grace is costly.
Thank you.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

And I love you more then anything in this world

The older I get, the more I anticipate being my parent's daughter.
Life does go in circles.

Love, your baby girl.
"Can you try to fit in?"
~ Thi to me, at the sinocentric Bubble tea shop.

"This is a great place!" says I in a genuine attempt to engage, "how did you guys find this place?"
A couple of confused looks. "You just kinda... know this place. If you're chinese."

Am I? I drink Starbucks' maple macchiatos in Kerrisdale.
Is that enough to nullify my cultural heritage and identity?