Saturday, June 25, 2005

I'm tired of thinking, I'm tired of talking. I'm tired of forcing myself to accerlate the process of being and all this existential pomo crap. Gah. Just give me direction and give me sense and purpose and let me be.

I thank you God for your spirit. In my deepest darkest moments, I know that I am never alone.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Far in the Golden east there lies a shore
Where God almighty doth his blessings pour
On sea-washed shores, our nation Singapore
Allelujah, Allelujah.

~ St. Hildas School hymn

Bad rhymes. Good times.
Thanks Sean for hanging out. Had a blast. Will be back soon. I owe YOU coffee this time and a 25 minute Late Wait.

I thank God for the people that he removes from my life, and gently nudges back in.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

In a little while.

The biggest brats in my life six years ago, have transformed into beautiful, gracious creatures. Themselves in all their quirks, and yet bolder, wiser and more defined.

I glow with wonderment.

God and time, do wonderous things.

...My, how you've grown

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I think it's time I fell ill and just lie there till i'm better.
I thought of several things today:

1) DARE to Grow away.

I picked up DARE in my office today whilst burning endless CDs for my uncle's press kits. The theme for this month's edition was growth. Very apt. I flipped though mindlessly (as we do with all other women's megazines), but notions of prayer and worth grasped at me, and drew me in. One article talked about social labels, about the identities and personas we assume with various people because they were externally implemented onto our persons by society. The usual things swim up in my mind: of being the quiet asian girl in class, of being the bimbo in JC... of being Dennis'.

The magazine talked of confronting false labels, the consequence of which would naturally be the redefination of relationships.

2) Flush.

As it all went down the pipe, I thought to myself about how dark my yin, and how bring my yang is. I am extreme.

I love people and I explode with glee in their presence, but chunks of me just desperately want to be alone. And I don't quite know how to present myself in that sense to the people around me. Be with me, yet leave me alone.

I think I want intimacy and independence.

And then remind me that it's not about me. The heart of the gospel is that christ came to us, so that we might go to others.

3) The Good news.

Those who do not believe in Christ will go to hell.
~ Pulpit.

I was told that this is the Gospel. huh.

Doesn't quite sound like good news to me.

I think we need redefinition.

4) John 1:1

And the word... became... flesh.

I'm really starting to question if the bible IS the 'Word of God'
Isn't Jesus the Word (read: Purpose, fulfilment, destiny, fate, direction) of God?
Isn't what we read simply semantical strings, networking our understanding?

Would it be more accurate to say that the Bible is Scripture, instead of the Word of God?


Sunday, June 19, 2005

I thank God for Doc John.
Blessings, comfort and grace.